16 People Who Don’t Need to Look Up the Word “Fail” in The Dictionary

2 years ago

There is a huge conversation about whether luck is something that exists or if it lives primarily in our brains. And this might actually be good since no one will have to think that everything bad happens to them because of bad luck. Maybe it’s simply because we took a wrong turn or we were a bit reckless. Whatever the reason, accidents and surprises do happen every day and we just have to deal with them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to warn you that these 16 fails will really break your heart and make you feel sorry about the people who went through them.

1. Even candles can be deadly.

2. If only you had another pair of scissors.

3. “At least it didn’t get stolen.”

4. “This was not a good idea.”

5. Someone just doesn’t care about their job.

6. “Banana opening failure”

7. “Yep, that’s snow.”

8. “My first day of class starts in an hour and the battery to my clippers just died.”

9. “Losing your keys while skydiving”

10. Doing or removing your eyelashes?

11. When you think that the Airbnb has a big flat screen

12. “My delivery driver ran over my package.”

13. “To cook a Christmas turkey”

14. “Somebody picked a terrible night to leave their windows down.”

15. “I dropped some candy.”

16. “Was confused when the electric toothbrush didn’t sound like it hit the floor.”

What’s the most heartbreaking fail you’ve ever experienced? Was it something you could reverse or was there no going back?


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