14 Photos That Turned Out to Be Puzzles Waiting to Be Solved

2 years ago

Perspective is an important ingredient in the making of a photo. When something is slightly off, it can be challenging to figure out exactly what’s going on. Like a dog that somehow looks like a person’s hand or a building that seems to be paper-thin.

Now I’ve Seen Everything makes way for a display of some real-life optical illusions.

1. A dog that looks like an arm

2. “I looked up from dinner so utterly confused. You’ll feel quite silly until you realize what’s going on with the knife.”

3. “This banana painted on the floor of a grocery store”

4. “Thought I left my hatch open.”

5. “The Sphynx cat we are looking after appears ready to be seasoned and baked at 350°F when seen from this angle.”

6. “Plants on the rocks by the beach made it look like a tiny countryside.”

7. “This building looks like a single wall of windows from this angle.”

8. “This picture of my cat in a box looks like a polaroid picture.”

9. “When my dog lays in a certain position, she looks like a pig.”

10. “This is a wasp nest that has grown around some floodlights on a garage.”

11. “Went boating on Saratoga Lake, NY, and saw this cloud that looked like a Victorian lady.”

12. “The back of this sign didn’t want to obstruct the view.”

13. “A 2-headed police officer helping change my tire”

14. “A bag with legs”

Have you ever experienced your vision cheating you or faced a confusing perspective? Please share your photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Kobrazak / Reddit


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