15+ Photos That Are Playing Tricks on Our Eyes

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“To err is human” they say, and it couldn’t be more accurate. Making mistakes is something that we’ve all been through. It’s an invaluable source of knowledge about ourselves, other people, and life in general. Among other things, we can mistake some objects for others because of the weird angles or lighting, and as long as we can see the humor in such situations, our lives will be filled with joy.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some examples of pics that can confuse even the brightest of minds.

“The goblin under the staircase”

Paint that looks like the universe

“This photo I took of Christmas ornaments looks like I have some kind of effect on it.”

“I put another type of shower gel on top of the old one, and after a few pumps they start ’raining’ down. Looks like melted wax.”

“This guy floating”

“It looks like my bridesmaid wore a white sleeve on one arm.”

“Double-ended giraffe”

“The composition of this photo makes my dad’s tiny red snapper look gigantic.”

“I almost have a heart attack whenever I walk into the kitchen at night because of my shadows and this cat.”

This window view, in Florence, Italy, looks like a painting.

“A full-sized baby human”

“This stool standing on 2 legs”

“A rainbow cloud that looks like a paint brush”

It’s a little creepy, to be honest.

“I literally just asked my coworker’s jacket if it was feeling all right.”

“I have a really tiny basketball.”

“My friend’s leg looks like it’s oddly photoshopped in this pic.”

Have you ever mistaken an item for something else? What was it?

Preview photo credit gudma/Reddit


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