18 Examples of Goods Where Manufacturers’ Trickery Reached New Heights

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Almost all of us have had to face the trickery used by cunning manufacturers — and online purchases have a special place on this list. However, we can come across surprises in ordinary shops too, especially when we unpack things the things we’ve bought. And even restaurants sometimes bring dishes that look and taste far from what we expected. The good thing is that you can benefit from this situation and move it in a more positive direction. For example, you can take a photo and share it on social media. And that’s what the characters of our article did.

“They brought this teapot to our service center. It seems like something is missing here.”

DeaMonika / Pikabu

“I ate one cookie out of this plastic container and then I noticed something.”

“Clamps from the well-known store break like vermicelli.”

Snowball1 / Pikabu

“I ordered a sandwich with a meat patty, cheese, and fresh vegetables. I think I’m going to explode with laughter and anger.”

“I placed an order with AliExpress. It arrived today. I picked it up, opened it, and you know what I found in there? Exactly nothing. They sent me an empty package.”

“I ordered a pizza with thick crust, and it had plastic inside. My review was deleted from their group, so I wrote to the manager and attached this photo.”

Lazalisa / Pikabu

“I received a reply immediately: ’Dear customer, we’ll sort it out.’ I wrote to them every day, and the manager calmed me down respectfully, calling me one name or another. 10 days passed, and my evidence began to self-terminate like in a Mission: Impossible movie. I didn’t get any apologies from them. That’s how it ended.”

“This is how an expensive couch looks after 1.5 years of using it.”

Hypercrab / Pikabu

“I grabbed some toilet paper while in a rush and came home to realize that my boyfriend wouldn’t be able to use it.”

“I bought these sticky notes because I thought the gold border was nice.”

This “environment-friendly” pen

The generosity of the manufacturers of these sandwiches knows no boundaries.

There is a sign above that says, “We check fruits and vegetables 4 times a day to make sure you get the freshest ones.”

Perevalka / Pikabu

“I decided to repot my orchids. I ordered pots online. I don’t think I’ll be able to repot my orchids, I probably have to buy a Barbie doll instead.”

Pizza for crust fans

“I saw an advertisement for a shovel made of rail steel and immediately bought it. Posting pics after half an hour of working with it.”

slastin / Pikabu

“I thought I bought a full box of beef jerky.”

“I just want a bigger pocket please, is that too much to ask for? My jeans are on the left, my husband’s jeans are on the right.”

“Compared 2 chargers. The service life is the same but the difference in price is huge. Here is the result. ”

Komandirpetuhov / Pikabu

“The white one cost $40, the black one, $2.”

We, once again, were astonished by the tricks manufacturers and sellers use to sell their products. The sad thing is that one can’t expect good quality even if they pay a high price. Have you ever gotten the feeling that you’ve been deceived after buying something? What was the last purchase that turned out to be your biggest disappointment? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit C4L1T0 / Reddit


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