15 Photos That Can Easily Throw You for a Loop

2 years ago

Perspective plays an important part in the way our brain translates what our eyes are seeing. That’s exactly how people end up mixing up a cat’s tongue for luscious lips. It sounds a bit weird, but the photographic evidence for this sort of phenomenon is nothing short of fascinating.

Now I’ve Seen Everything hopes to give you a good moment of fun with this selection of baffling pics.

1. “My cat’s tongue here gives it luscious lips.”

2. “Picture? What picture?”

3. “My big red pupil looks like a planet.”

4. “Our security camera and our hanging lights make our customers look like they’re wearing wizard hats.”

5. “Top-down view of a store. I found it pretty confusing when looking at the image.”

6. “Took a picture that looks like both the front of my neck and the back of my head.”

7. “I literally just asked my coworker’s jacket if it was feeling alright.”

8. “My face in the snow looks like it’s popping out.”

9. “A mug full of tea that looks like a frying pan

10. “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a cat.”

11. “The bottom of a door or a skyline on the water?”

12. “These cats aren’t connected.”

13. “One of my students’ backpacks”

14. “A kitten napping in a toy truck”

15. “The snow on these mountains is actually buildings.”

Have you ever captured an optical illusion in a photo? Do you enjoy solving visual riddles? We’re eager to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit SloughWitch / Reddit


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