19 Pets That Love Being Up-Close And Personal

2 years ago

All pet owners probably love it when their little friends are in an affectionate mood, and come to sit next to them while they are working or watching TV. However, sometimes pets fail to understand their boundaries, and practically demand love and affection at times that are not very convenient for us, like when a person is in the shower or trying to take a nap.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe that this behavior is just another way for our pets to show their owners how much they mean to them, and this lack of comfort is a small price to pay for this much love, as you’ll see in our compilation.

’’He goes from the toilet, to the sink, climbs on my shoulders, and perches on my head.’’

’’I can’t get a moment alone. I thought cats hated water.’’

Out of any of the other spots they could have chosen to lie down, they decided to take a nap on her dress.

“Newly adopted big boy doesn’t know what personal space is.”

’’My cat usually showers with me but decided to hop in with my fiancé this morning instead.’’

His comfort zone.

’’My cat likes to hide inside pillowcases when the maintenance people come.’’

“What’s personal space?”

At least one of them looks comfortable.

’’I tried to snap a pic of the cat snuggling my head and ended up with this.’’

’’Stage 5 clinger won’t let me pee alone.’’

“Zorro has failed to understand the concept of personal space.”

Nap buddy

Do not disturb or move human, I am deep in sleep.

“She likes to be up close and personal.”

’’Here’s what happens when I try to study.’’

’’I feel like my dog is telling me I have too many cats.’’

It’s this dog’s world and we’re just living in it.

’’Almost 6 months old and still a daily ritual.’’

Do you have a pet in your life? What would your reaction be if a fuzzy, adorable animal demanded your full attention at all times?

Preview photo credit nyliecyrus/Reddit


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