15 Photos Where Reality Had a Magical Twist

2 years ago

Some people have mastered the art of capturing fascinating phenomena on camera. Whether it’s an unexpected natural wonder or a mind-blowing coincidence, these events make for extremely unique images that get better the more you look at them. Fortunately, people know their value and share them online for all to see.

Now I’ve Seen Everything put together a list of pics that’ll have you wondering if glitches in the matrix are actually real.

1. “The fire glitched out and had to mimic us.”

2. “My wife and I were quite happy about our new rug purchase. Sadly though, our dog ran away the same day.”

3. “We were doing a panorama until a cow decided to move.”

4. “The reflection off of a skyscraper looks like the sky.”

5. “Only one leg is hanging.”

6. “My windowsill perfectly reflects the houses behind me onto my wall at sunrise. The image is naturally upside down.”

7. “Saw this right when a truck parked behind me.”

8. “The TV scene changed while the photo was being taken.”

9. “This rusty lock gate looks like a painting.”

10. “It’s a crab. It’s a spider. No, it’s a cat!”

11. “The haze over LA makes it look like a simulation not loading.”

12. “Spotted this out my window”

13. “Was walking to a friends house one night when I realized it wasn’t actually night yet.”

14. See-through truck or great timing?

15. “As a guy, a 4-hour haircut gets you this.”

If you could gift a haircut like the one in the last image to one of your friends, who would you choose? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit Devge / Reddit


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