18 People Who Didn’t Fall Very Far From the Tree

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Imagine walking on the street and having people stop you and asking whether your mom is your sister. Not only will this boost your mom’s mood, but it will also make you realize how similar you two look. Cases like these are more common than we maybe realize and always an entertaining visual for all of us to look at.

Now I’ve Seen Everything thinks that sometimes it’s impossible to break free from your genetics.

1. “My brother and mom in 1989, my son and me in 2016.”

2. ’’My 3-month-old daughter looking at a picture of her mom with the exact same hat on’’

3. “My dad and me”

4. “My dad holding me, and me holding my son.”

5. ’’My mother and I are identical.’’

6. “Everyone thinks that my daughter and I are the same person.”

7. “My grandmother and me”

8. “Mom and me exploring the world, 42 years apart.”

9. ’’I look a lot like my dad did when he was my age.’’

10. ’’My infant son inherited my helical rim ear deformity.’’

11. ’’My cousin and our grandmother — they are even wearing the same sweater.’’

12. Father and son

13. ’’I didn’t believe I looked like my mom until we face-swapped.’’

14. “My mom in 1990 and me in 2020. We’ve been called twins for the longest.”

15. ’’This is my dad at my age and me’’

16. “Me in 1961, and my daughter in 1985”

17. ’’Me in 1983, and my nephew in 2014’’

18. “My daughter and I have the same dimple on our foreheads.”

Do people ever comment on your similarities with any of your family members?

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