20 Women Who Used Makeup to Transform From Princesses to Queens

2 years ago

Anyone who puts on makeup understands how wearing the right lip shade, or dabbing a bit of color on the eyes, can do wonders for our self-esteem. This phenomenon has been dubbed as the “lipstick effect,” and a study confirmed that makeup does not just help with the physical aspect — it can work to make us feel smarter too.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves women who are confident with their natural looks, and who are equally comfortable using makeup to enhance their features. So we gathered photos of princesses who used their puffs and brushes to transform into queens.

1. “My graduation makeup transformation. I pulled out all the stops for a nice ’natural’ look.”

  • Beautiful! Love how you accentuated your features instead of hiding anything like most people do, because you don’t need to! — © hnk12 / Reddit

2. “My improved soft glam look.”

3. “Why do I look the exact same, yet so different?!”

4. “I never do red lipstick but this time it just felt right.”

5. “Before & after with lip contouring”

6. “Before and after glam.”

7. " Soft look, I love the way it feels."

8. “Went for a natural look and used some lilac on my eyes.”

9. “Before & after of a berry good makeup day”

10. “The power of makeup”

11. “My everyday look”

12. “Date night look”

13. Before and after: (almost) No-makeup makeup

14. “Now I feel able to experiment more and attempt to enhance my features instead of just conceal what I don’t like.”

15. “I find that skin tint gives me a nice glow without being heavy on coverage.”

16. “Before and after of my everyday makeup”

17. “For my brows, I just try to use a little bit of pomade and a light hand.”

18. “Photo shoot makeup”

19. “Before & after in only 10 minutes!”

20. “From 19 to almost 27 years old... It’s taken me a while to figure out how to dress this face, but I think I’m figuring it out!”

What is your favorite way to do your makeup? Do you go with a more natural look or do you prefer to experiment more? Let us know what you think and share your favorite methods in the comments!

Preview photo credit Prncess_chi / Reddit, hnk12 / Reddit


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