15+ Pics That Prove Kids Are Like Hot Sauce That Spice Up Our Lives

2 years ago

Kids are like little balls of energy, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the crazy things they do. But even if parenting can be exhausting at times, the love, the laughs, and the special moments we share with these tots make all the hardships worth it.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up 18 pictures that show how children — even if they’re just being their silly and innocent selves — can add a special “kick” into their family’s lives.

1. “How my niece was watching a movie on the iPad”

2. “My nephew decided to climb a tree to get a bird nest and bring it inside.”

3. “My little cousin decided to put ALL the stickers on himself.”

4. “My friend’s 2-year-old was hungry, so he decided to eat a decorative apple.”

5. “No DNA test needed”

6. “So my cousins made a snowman.”

7. "How my child decided to eat her goldfish’’

8. “My nephew decided to dress himself today.”

9. “How my daughter goes to the potty”

10. “My daughter decided it would be delicious to sip milk and apple juice at the same time.”

11. “When I saw my mom put kohl on her eyes and decided to copy her”

12. "How my son eats a hot dog’’

13. "My kid painted his hands with a gold permanent marker. He thought it was washable.’’

14. "My 8-year-old niece made my mom this and charged her $18. My mom gave her a $2 tip.’’

15. "My nephew thinks his mom’s phone is a bit plain looking, so he decided to spice things up a bit.’’

16. "So, my nephew found the dog’s water bowl...’’

17. "My kids thought they could grow bigger by inflating themselves with a bike pump via their belly buttons.’’

18. “My son losing it in a store looks like a painting.”

Do you have a child in your family? What is the most astonishing thing you did as a child?


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