15 Pictures That Prove How Time Never Ceases to Surprise Us

2 years ago

Looking back at our past makes us appreciate the life and things we have now in our lives. It can also make you feel grateful for how your life has turned out. Not everyone has had the most wonderful childhood, where their self-esteem might have been very low. But, growing up things change and along with them, you change too.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves seeing how people and things around us change with the passing of time.

1. “The visor I wore every day of 6th grade. 11 to 29.”

2. “7 years apart”

3. “My coworker’s keyboard keys are worn down from use.”

4. “My childhood was destined to be a rough one.”

5. “16 to 24”

6. “My grandfather has carried this silver dollar in his pocket since 1952.”

7. “15 years of daily use has worn right through the ceramic on my hair iron.”

8. “Turns out, it was in fact a phase.”

9. “14 to 24”

10. “My grandfather’s front door has about 50 years of cat damage.”

11. “Those glasses did not suit me.”

12. “One side of this doorknob at my school has been flattened from years of students opening it and letting it hit the wall.”

13. “18 years apart”

14. “1.5 years of hard work, now on to the next year.”

15. “Amazing what a beard can do”

How do you handle the passing of time? Do you often dwell on the past, or are you looking forward to the future?

Preview photo credit Azamat_Bahgkatov / reddit


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