15 Puzzling Photos That Are Not What They Seem at First Sight

2 years ago

Like with most things in life, science has figured out why we see optical illusions. In a few words, the brain receptors that recognize illusory motion take 15 milliseconds to notice it. This might seem like very little time, but when it comes to the brain, it’s quite a lot. That’s why it takes us a second or maybe third look to recognize the illusion.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would love your help in understanding these 15 optical illusions and how they happened.

1. “Me holding a baby.”

2. “My car looks like it’s missing the back wheel at this angle.”

3. They do have legs.

4. “Is my cat upside down or downside up?”

5. This isn’t a river.

6. The answer to this puzzle is easier than you think.

7. “Things got a little crazy at the groomer’s today.”

8. “Short train, for bikes only”

9. “This photo I took of a woman with a very long arm.”

10. “These mountains look like waves in the middle of the ocean.”

11. “My basket fell through the floor.”

12. “My cat on his scratching post, and his actually-attached tail.”

13. “Air bubble makes my daughter’s Taekwondo instructor look like he has an afro.”

14. “I made this for you.”

15. This is a bit too revealing to wear at a restaurant.

What is the most unbelievable real-life optical illusion you’ve ever seen? Did you notice it at first sight, or did you stare for some time before seeing it?


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