15 People Whose Day Went Sideways Quickly

2 years ago

Going through a day without a single mishap is a rare thing. However, sometimes people’s luck drains quicker than usual, and that’s when they’re served a burger with a random label inside. When these troubles come our way, the best thing we can do is remember they’ll eventually become a hilarious anecdote at family dinners.

Now I’ve Seen Everything shows you a collection of photos that scream drama.

1. “This guy popped out of the air outlet while I was blow-drying my hair.”

2. “Someone threw away the rest of my birthday cake before I was able to take it home.”

3. “I was boiling the egg, but I forgot to turn off the stove.”

4. “I left the car window down overnight.”

5. “My wife just got this huge banner for work. Perfect.”

6. “I wanted to buy a sandwich at this bakery. At first, I thought it was sesame. Well, it wasn’t.”

7. “I spent 15 minutes looking for my guitar pick.”

8. “I bought this bread at the supermarket.”

9. “I paid way too much to be bamboozled like this.”

10. “We got our doors painted during a remodel, and the painters forgot to put the plastic covering on the ground.”

11. An entire summer’s worth of love

12. “There are 5 cats in my house. This is not one of them.”

13. “There was a label in my burger.”

14. “Long story short, I saw a cockroach.”

15. “I just gave him a bath.”

Have you experienced any epic fails recently? How do you usually react to them: by laughing or cursing? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Ill_Possible_9555 / Reddit


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