20 People Whose Creativity Can’t Be Tamed

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From a broken item at home to an advertisement, people let their creativity flow in any way possible. And as Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.” This is what makes people’s ideas unique with others around them being in complete awe of their creations.

1. “While my wife was away I had to keep sending sultry photos to remind her what she’s got at home.”

2. “I made a shower and it’s pretty legit.”

3. “My girlfriend wore these to her anatomy and physiology exam.”

4. “I converted a bike bell into a tiny grill. Who wants baby bike ribs?”

5. “Toaster bath bomb I found at the mall.”

6. “My self-made Lightyear suit!”

7. “If someone asks for tools for their birthday, it’s important to artfully wrap them.”

8. “It is going to be our first Christmas with our cat, Mr. Gray. I’m not leaving it up to chances.”

9. “I found a phone that is shaped like a ketchup bottle at a thrift store today.”

10. Tattooed socks

11. “I’ve been reusing the same scallion scraps for 2 months by growing them in water.”

12. “My dentist has jokes.”

13. “Door mat I made.”

14. “The struggle is real.”

15. “This donut box looks like a giant VHS tape.”

16. “A picnic table for squirrels — it has a screw to put corn on it for them to eat.”

17. “So yeah — I have these now.”

18. “This ice cream poster.”

19. “A car wash designed to look like a washing machine”

20. “One-eyed glass.”

Why do you think some people are more creative than others? Do you think that you need to have some sort of inspiration to be creative?

Preview photo credit TioSVQ / Reddit, NBA_MSG / Reddit


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