17 Tattoos That Even Opponents of This Art Would Appreciate

9 months ago

Tattoos, these inked narratives, can be intricate tapestries of personal history, revealing chapters of one’s journey etched onto the skin. Each symbol, every line, resonates with a story that might be whispered or boldly proclaimed.

“Phoenix tattoo to celebrate my weight loss.”

“So recently I decided to get a tattoo and obviously wanted some meaning towards it and I thought to get something related to my weight loss in which I was 290 and am now currently at 230! Anyways someone gave me the idea of a Phoenix which serves as a marker of turning over a new leaf in life.”

“Memorial Tattoo of my son.”

“This tattoo means so much to me. My tattoo master Jon and I sat and talked for probably an hour about our different design ideas. I brought his footprints and Jon created this beautiful piece.”

“Decided to get my first tattoo on my 23rd.”

“Dolphin tattoo.”

“Clever tattoo done by one of my friends.”

“My dad passed away a month ago.. got his tattoo!”

“This scar cover up tattoo.”

“Portrait of my soulmate.”

“UFO surgery scar tattoo.”

Even amputation can have a positive side.

“Biomechanical tattoo.”

“Guys, I am beyond happy with the results. This was the first session and I need to do my second session in two weeks for shading and color.”

“Memorial Tattoos for my parents that I lost in April 2022 and in December 2022.”

“My Syndactyly toe tattoo.”

“Cut Here. Got a little finger tattoo.”

“Tribute to my dog.”

“My husband and I got matching tattoos. All the moons represent a different day in our relationship. Down — first kiss, middle — proposal, up — wedding day. We married on our 10 year anniversary.”

Beneath the surface, tattoos stand as more than mere art. They embody the resilience to immortalize emotions and beliefs. They could seem simple but have deep meaning. Or they could have the initial aim of covering the scar, but turn them into pieces of art. And most ink drawings have a unique story to tell.


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