15 Puzzling Photos That Will Make Your Brain Sweat

2 years ago

If solving riddles works as a brain exercise, then these pictures will definitely give your brain a workout. Although all these photos were taken with regular cameras, the angle and lighting made them look like they were created with a touch of magic.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything it took us more than a few minutes to figure out what was going on in these puzzling pictures.

1. “Floating chairs”

2. “Is my cat upside down or downside up?”

3. “Just a sleeping man dog”

4. “My teacher kneeled to write on the bottom of the board, but her long sweater made her look like a dwarf.”

5. “My photo of this building and clouds looks like it was taken from a low Earth orbit.”

6. “My daughter made a drawing of me and flipped it upside down.”

7. “I’m jumping off this wall, not standing on my left tiptoe.”

8. “My wife and I look like we share a pair of legs.”

9. “My friend took this pic at a drawbridge.”

10. “My wife took a photo at the beach, and it looks like it was taken from a plane.”

11. “My girlfriend’s dog in the toilet”

12. The walls in this room aren’t actually straight.

13. “I found this picture of my family and me when we were kids. It looks like my cousin’s head is missing.”

14. “My dog’s extremely long back right leg.”

15. “My cousin’s cat looks like it’s got a freakishly long neck.”

Which of the pics above left you more confused? Have you taken any puzzling photos that could be in this compilation?

Preview photo credit 800511 / Reddit


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