15 Questionable Things That Stunned People

2 years ago

From a bizarre design to someone’s bad habit gone terribly wrong, every day people encounter things that are hard to wrap our heads around. Those experiences can either be strangely fascinating or totally unpleasant, but no matter what, they never fail to be memorable. And people on Reddit make a point of sharing them with the world.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a list of controversial situations the universe threw some folks’ way.

1. “The way my parents display their books”

2. “Ah yes, the Eiffel Tower, my favorite Italian landmark...”

3. “Almost drank from this bottle of wood polish disguised as a water bottle.”

4. “This looks like someone followed spoken instructions for how to make a stop sign without ever seeing one.”

5. “Just got home from a rushed trip to Home Depot and found this in my bag.”

6. “I found where my 3-year-old twins have been hiding my loose change.”

7. “My photo on my college ID”

8. “My mom’s desktop”

9. “My hammer broke when I hit a nail on some workbench trim.”

10. “The stylist said they were having a tough time with my hairline.”

11. “I accidentally melted my son’s toothbrush.”

12. “I just sharpened this pencil and got a sharp piece of wood instead of something to write with.”

13. “My father forgot to tell me the renovators would be taking the stairs out today.”

14. “It isn’t that hard to properly label a toilet.”

15. “I ordered shoes to wear at my wedding next month and was so excited to try them on until I opened the box.”

Have you seen something that could fit in this compilation? Show it to us!

Preview photo credit SeaFishCat / Reddit


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