15 Things That Stopped People in Their Tracks

2 years ago

It isn’t every day that you find a 12-year-old steak in someone’s fridge. Rare discoveries of this kind can get a bit weird, but that’s all part of the fun. They give people something to talk about and remind us that the universe is an endless box of surprises.

Now I’ve Seen Everything presents you with some oddities that surely won’t leave your mind for a while.

1. “I saw a guy with a giant backpack.”

2. “Saw this flatbed hauling a crazy coupe this morning.”

3. “They ’moved’ my bike to work on the street light.”

4. “This bootleg Thanos snapping with the wrong hand”

5. “My sister’s school spelled ’school’ wrong on the spine of the yearbook.”

6. “Dust from a ramp on my suede rollerskates looks like an X-ray of my feet.”

7. “This Fanta is in the wrong colored bottle.”

8. “This bike, for some reason”

9. “When you order a pizza during finals week in a college town”

10. “Mario’s mustache is on the wrong side of his nose.”

11. “One of the fortunes from dinner”

12. “The family tree on this life insurance card makes no sense.”

13. “I freaked out a little when I met this while cross country skiing.”

14. “This car is using the wrong part of the cancer ribbon magnet.”

15. “Found a 12-year-old steak wedged in my mom’s freezer.”

Which of these situations would leave you stunned in real life? Drop a comment.

Preview photo credit c***yandiusedtof*** / Reddit


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