18 Photos That Prove How Life Is a Non-Stop Surprise Party

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A famous quote says that “If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” And that is so true when it comes to every day occurrences that surprise us. For example, you would be shook if you picked up a bag of lettuce from the store only to find a live frog in it. Not only that, but you would look for an official explanation about the incident.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves it when unexpected things happen to people, or when they see things that don’t seem to make sense.

1. “Seen at an open house.”

2. Seems like you might have to learn some French cooking basics.

3. “Came back from a long vacation to literally every single thing on my desk wrapped in tin foil.”

4. What do you know about unwanted guests?

5. Does anyone want to help?

6. Jenga isn’t for everyone.

7. “I dropped my phone mid selfie.”

8. “I didn’t think I’d actually lose in a hide-and-seek game with my nephew. (Told him to pose for a pic.)”

9. “I think Lena quit her job today.”

10. “So I found a Halloween costume of myself...”

11. When cooking isn’t your favorite hobby:

12. Improvise!

13. “This bidet in a motel.”

14. “I wanted to dress as ’cotton candy’ for Halloween...”

15. “When a car wash is your neighbor.”

16. “Which gate is my flight at? The game has begun...”

17. “Do you want us to trim your lawn?”

18. “Thankfully the computer was secured well. Things get stolen all the time if you don’t take precautions.”

Did you ever got caught in the middle of the weirdest situation ever? Or did you ever see something that you felt no one would believe unless you took a photo?

Preview photo credit aorfanos / reddit


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