20+ Women Who Had a Full-On Hair Transformation and Regret Nothing

2 years ago

Let’s admit it — most of us care a lot about our hair. Since ancient times, people have appreciated luxuriant locks as they are subconsciously associated with good health. According to psychologists, a change of hair can significantly affect our self-esteem.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything love positive change; that’s why we present to you 20+ cases of mega-successful hair transformations.

“I went pink!”

“From gray to red — ’You look so much younger and livelier with that red.’”

“I finally had the guts to do it!”

“I’d say this is a pretty big change!”

“I have pretty bad depression, and I go days without brushing my hair sometimes, but today I got it done into something fun. I’m just so happy with how it turned out!”

“Do you all think my natural hair or stone-cold platinum is more flattering?”

“Happy with the results :)”

“I went from box black to an acceptable blonde in 3 days without my hair falling out! I’m pretty proud of myself!”

“I’ve pretty much had my hair like the picture on the left my whole life, so it’s a huge change for me, but I love it!”

“I chopped off my hair.”

“First time I cut my hair this short, but I think I like it!”

“I finally got up the courage to go short! What do you think?”

“I’ve never dyed my hair, so this is my first time.”

“After a big chop, my angled bob is ready for summer!”

“It’s a big change!”

“I’ve always thought I looked better with long hair, but man, was I wrong! So glad I decided to get this chop!”

“From filter to reality — it exceeded all my expectations.”

“I did it. I chopped everything off, and I’m now rocking a pixie cut.”

“I went dark brown!”

“I’ve been blonde my whole life, and I decided to try something new!”

“My hair loss helped me make a big ’beauty’ decision. Cutting and dying my hair made me gain back my confidence and stop being obsessed with ’hair beauty standards.’”

“My hair was a disaster before. I’m so happy with the result.”

“Got the bangs and balayage!”

“I’ve always had long hair, I’m so happy I finally changed it!”

“I updated my hair and turned it into a rainbow.”

If you could dye your hair any color, which one would you choose? And what was your boldest hair experiment ever?


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