15+ Rib-Tickling Photos That Will Make Anyone Chuckle

2 years ago

On average, adults laugh 17 times a day, which might sound like a lot, but compare this to children: they laugh about 300 times a day. We, grownups, should definitely up our game, as laughter improves both your mood and health.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are glad to help: here’s a compilation of our favorite hilarious pics.

1. “Dog rolled in a staticky blanket. Look at his friend’s reaction.”

2. “I still can’t see a thing!”

3. “No one is looking. Throw the turkey. Throw the turkey!”

4. “This is my life now. Couldn’t be happier, in fact.”

5. “I said NO!”

6. “I caught Penelope mid-yawn, and the result was epic.”

7. “We told our 3-year-old she couldn’t get her toys out of jail so she climbed inside to play with them.”

8. “She plopped on the air mattress this morning, totally forgetting she popped a hole in it last night.”

9. “I hope she never stops brushing her teeth like that.”

10. “Selfie time”

11. “Grocery shopping with a tired toddler”

12. “Give it a rest, Gerald”

13. Perspective decides everything.

14. “The rare blep/loaf combination caught on camera”

15. “Dad, I’ve made a delicious mistake.”

16. “Thou shall not pass!”

17. “Ever get that feeling you’re being watched?”

18. “My dog and cat’s relationship”

Have you seen any fancy pictures with a truly amazing story or message behind it? Have you been lucky enough to capture something like that on your cell phone?

Preview photo credit maplesyrup4 / Reddit


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