17 Times Pets Misbehaved, but We Couldn’t Stay Mad at Them for More Than 5 Seconds

2 years ago

Having pets around is generally very relaxing; playing with them can easily make you forget all of your problems. Researchers agree: pets can provide excellent social support. However, some of them just can’t help misbehaving from time to time, which only increases their owners’ stress levels. Like when they steal the bread you’d been making all day or destroy your new blanket.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know that pet owners love their furry friends no matter what and only laugh at their little quirks. We bring you some photos that prove it.

“My fiancée spent all last weekend putting plants into the garden planters. This morning we came down after breakfast to this.”

He ruined his owner’s coffee and now has no idea what to do with his paw.

This guy won’t let his dad work.

“I hope they got him out and cleaned off though.”

“My dog decided he didn’t like my new blanket.”

“Nice puzzle.”

“No reason for this other than to spite my dog.”

This cat decided that his brother’s cage was now his.

“He does this every time, he’s a cutie though.”

“She doesn’t believe in personal space.”

“Caught him in the act.”

“Why do I even bother? 😅”

This cat enjoys ruining plants.

“I spent an entire day baking challah bread only to have it stolen.”

“He sits on his sister until he gets his favorite dog bed back.”

“He’s friendly with the bunny, just didn’t want him on his chair today.”

“This is not the relaxing bath I had planned...”

Do you have any troublemakers in your house? Share their adventures with us!

Preview photo credit Hazza_197 / Reddit


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