15 Situations That Will Make You Want to Take Deep Breaths

2 years ago

When we see something upsetting, our hearts beat faster and our blood pressure increases. But one thing that could help us calm down is to take slow, deep breaths. It’s a useful method to remember, especially if we suddenly find ourselves in irritating situations like the ones presented in these photos.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 15 people who shared their frustrating encounters online, and we can just imagine how they felt at that exact moment.

1. “I ordered 4 sliders, but I received 270 bread rolls. Such a waste.”

2. “Tried evening out my tan from the other day. It didn’t go so well.”

3. “A new way of being awful at 35,000 feet”

4. “This stall door in a gas station bathroom”

5. “My zipper broke at work right before a few important meetings.”

6. “It’s stuck.”

7. “There’s a truck behind me, as you can tell.”

8. “I’m visually impaired. I couldn’t tell the difference between a wireless charger and a mug heater.”

9. “Do all moms shut your door like this?”

10. “Thought I got lucky finding this while walking my dog.”

11. “The way my parents display their books”

12. “Joke’s on you. Most of the pics in that card are yours.”

13. “I work as a valet and had to tell him to park it himself.”

14. “My housemate’s dog got into my 6-hour butter chicken. No dinner for me tonight.”

15. “Went to the store to pick up a candle for my daughter’s birthday. Guess how old she’s turning?”

What’s the most infuriating thing that’s happened to you recently? What’s your biggest pet peeve? See if you share it with other people in the comments!

Preview photo credit FatCatBoxNap / Reddit


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