18 Online Purchases That Put Us Through a Whirlwind of Emotions

2 years ago

Just because you clicked on a reputable website to buy something doesn’t mean that the item delivered to you will be of great quality. As a matter of fact, many giants allow third parties to sell products of questionable quality. That’s why you shouldn’t fully trust them and, instead, be sure to check each individual seller and their reviews.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is aware that sometimes buying something from the internet can be risky, and these 18 cases are proof of that.

1. “Girlfriend ordered a 16-pack of toilet paper online. 8 weeks later, it arrived.”

2. “I bought a foldable piano, or so I thought.”

3. “These shorts my friend ordered from an Instagram ad — they’re just a little bit different from the advertisement!”

4. Plants don’t want to play the role of hair.

5. “This cost over $100!”

6. “Something went wrong with the size of my order.”

7. “Looks like you’re about to dip your feet in a bucket of soapy water and mop the floor.”

8. “My dream bed arrived.”

9. “Simple sewing pattern, it said.”

10. “Looks slightly smaller in the seller’s pictures.”

11. “What is this? A work desk for ants?”

12. “Don’t order from those Instagram succulent ads.”

13. When the price is extremely low:

14. “Didn’t think they’d do the arrow too.”

15. “What an amazing rug. It must be so nice to touch!”

16. “When you want some pizza but the delivery guy doesn’t come, even after an hour and a half...”

17. These hanging chairs online vs what came in the mail

18. “What I ordered vs what I got — I can’t stop laughing!”

Have you ever had any failures when shopping online?

Preview photo credit joanelisabeth / reddit


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