10+ People Whose Bizarre Ideas Left Us Speechless

year ago

Humankind has always been compelled to create, and we can find our innate proclivity for creativity in everything around us. Every day we learn something new, and we can always make something unexpected out of it. However, some people have a tendency to value these innovative ideas more than others and are successful at accomplishing things in their own particular style.

1. “My brother has a new chair.”

2. “This guy’s at work huge ’dad wallet’”

3. “No skillet, so I’m cooking pancakes out of a pot.”

4. “This is how my wife eats burritos/wraps, ladies and gentlemen.”

5. “The shower in my hotel is a glass cube in the center of the room.”

6. “This toilet can flush 7 billiard balls per flush.”

7. “For over £800, you too can be a mountain goat.”

8. “This garage is on the 2nd floor.”

9. “Chicken and Waffles Pizza.”

10. “Who else eats like this?”

11. “My wife is so organized, she packs zipper bags with her outfits for each day on vacation.”

12. “How my wife sits”

13. “The birthday balloon cow has Italy on it.”

14. “Found this commercial space on FB Marketplace. What goes on in this room?”

What is anything you do that others find odd or strange?


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