15 Times People Let Their Laziness Take Over Their Body and Mind

2 years ago

Recent estimations have shown that around 40% of Americans choose not to work. While many who are incapable to work are included, a part of this percentage is people who are simply lazy. But, it’s not only them who are lazy, but also people who do get jobs and attend them every single day. And their mishaps and bad fixes are everywhere for us to see.

Now I’ve Seen Everything realizes that some people just don’t enjoy their jobs and they make sure to show that to the world.

1. Fixing the staircase: done!

2. “Good enough.”

3. “I painted the fence, boss.”

4. “Spotted in Target — next level fashion.”

5. “Package has been delivered safely.”

6. “Done adding the security tag.”

7. Can you not read or you just don’t care?

8. “Rails are installed. What do you think?”

9. “Did the painting job on the sidewalk!”

10. People at this university really know what they’re doing.

11. “Clockception time, guys”

12. “True art cannot be contained.”

13. “The lazy guy at work”

14. “Instead of cleaning the air vent, my local gas station just hung an air freshener from it.”

15. “Meals (1 per person) we get at my job for shifts of up to 12hrs.”

What is the funniest or annoying example of laziness you have ever encountered?

Preview photo credit revo_kid / reddit


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