20 People Who Defied Logical Reasoning and Played by Their Own Rules

2 years ago

Logic helps us understand what we need to do with certain things — containers go in the bottle caddies, small objects don’t need huge boxes, and we shouldn’t be opening other people’s packages. But sometimes, you come across people who decide to rebel against these rules and just do as they please.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 20 photos showing the handiwork of these “rule-breakers,” which can be frustrating and funny at the same time.

1. “My milkman refuses to put milk in the caddy provided.”

2. “My partner and I just bought a LEGO storage box from the LEGO company, and it has a crevasse where small legos get stuck.”

3. “I ordered 12 items from the same listing on Amazon. This is how they arrived compared to how they are being stored.”

4. “How Walmart shipped a folding chair”

5. “My wife found this motorcycle parked in the cart return today.”

6. “Being a school janitor is difficult.”

7. “Our toilet seat broke, so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square.”

8. “The waste left from my sister’s art project — all brand-new printer paper.”

9. “Somebody broke off the stalks of the asparagus to avoid paying the per-pound price for the parts they weren’t going to use.”

10. “A 10-minute walk in 91 degrees only to see someone locked up 2 of the nets. What’s the point of this?”

11. “The husband puts his coffee mug next to 2 empty coasters.”

12. “These mozzarella sticks are hollow shells... Just like my soul after I bit into one of them.”

13. Wouldn’t it have been easier to remove the outlet?

14. “The way my girlfriend ’puts away the groceries,’ still in the bag.”

15. The question remains: Which of all these handles will open the one faucet this tub has?

16. “The chairs waiting for you in the laser eye clinic’s reception”

17. “Hmm... guess nobody needs to use the sidewalk.”

18. “This is how my wife puts away the clean bath towels in the linen closet.”

19. “This is how my girlfriend eats cheesecake.”

20. “My mom opened my package that I waited 4 weeks for, and was really excited saying, ’I thought it was your sister’s medication.’ And she did this...”

What things that made zero sense at all have you seen around you?

Preview photo credit frickinheckinfrick / Reddit


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