15+ Stories About Teachers Who Deserve Praise For Their Originality

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Teachers influence their students’ lives greatly: they inspire and help kids figure out what they want in life, and not only prepare for the tests and exams. Studies show that those teachers who taught additional skills (for example, self-regulation) helped students achieve more success than those who just taught their subjects.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some stories about teachers who add to their lessons fun and creativity.

  • We had to buy red punch cards to get lunch at school. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much money, so sometimes my punch card would run out, and I wouldn’t be able to eat until we got enough money to get another one. A teacher noticed I wasn’t eating every day, and she’d bring a sandwich and offer it to me whenever she saw that.
    sk8erguysk8er / Reddit
  • My biology professor went into the bathroom with her mic on, so literally 80 people heard her pee. So she just went back, realizing what she did, and then made a bow like she just went all out for a theatrical performance. Everyone had a good laugh. She was the best professor I had ever had.
    k4Anarky / Reddit
  • My class decided to play a prank on our English teacher, by all laughing when he faced the board, and then stopping every time he turned around to face us. After a while, he left the classroom without a word. We all sat there, confused, until a few minutes later the assistant principal comes in and explains that we upset our teacher; he made us believe we’d seriously messed up. Then our teacher walked in and went, “gotcha!”.
    *******93 / Reddit
  • When I was in 3rd grade, Thriller came out. My teacher learned to moonwalk. If you had a question, he’d moonwalk across the room to your desk.
    marcussilva73 / Twitter
  • A computer teacher taught everyone how to make a network cable. Then he walked to every computer and cut the network cable on their desktop and said, “Figure it out amongst yourselves with whatever resources you can attain. You can play Counterstrike once you figure it out. Good luck!”. And sat down to work on budget.
    y-aji / Reddit
  • Instead of shouting at my loud class for not shutting up before the lesson began, my history teacher decided to quietly tell the story of a pink elephant that wanted to be an astronaut. When everyone was quiet and people started listening, he stopped mid-story.
    Cae1us / Reddit
  • A professor said she wasn’t going to have a textbook for the class. She didn’t respect the textbook representatives trying to take the pharma approach to force kids to buy a $170 access code. Instant respect. You just had to show up to the lectures, and she’d teach you what you needed to know.
    enchiladacheese / Reddit
  • My economics professor would walk into class and say, “All Aboard the Economic Express”, and we all had to respond “choo”.
    Amandarooni / Twitter
  • My high school Science teacher paused a class to tell a student off for picking on another student. Called it out as soon as it happened, in front of everyone, and that guy never went near that other kid again. Will always remember that.
    Mariospario / Reddit
  • In college, a math prof leaned on the ledge of an open (first floor) window with no screen while lecturing on business statistics. Tumbled out the window mid-sentence. Reappeared through the classroom door minutes later and picked up right where he had stopped.
    dougeben090900 / Twitter

What teachers did you have at school? Which ones were the most memorable ones and why?

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