15 Things That Made People’s Jaws Drop in Awe

2 years ago

Old cars that became a river bank or giant pumpkins on a truck aren’t something you see every day. In fact, these discoveries are so out of the ordinary that people felt compelled to photograph them and share them with the world. This way, we can all be stunned by how captivating the world around us is.

Now I’ve Seen Everything presents you with a display of photos that can blow your mind in dozens of different ways.

1. “I saw some ants carrying a glove up a streetlight.”

2. “How close this whale got to the boat I was on.”

3. “The way the sand was dispersed on this new bike lane makes it look as though the sun is shining.”

4. “This message stamped on the squeaker inside the stuffed animal my dog just destroyed”

5. “This tree survived being cut down.”

6. “The plastic wrap over my bowl of proofing pizza dough formed an airtight seal.”

7. “We found a starfish that had eaten our mussel inside of the shell.”

8. “Cut open some red pineapples at work.”

9. “This egg has no yolk.”

10. “Old cars becoming the river bank.”

11. “I found this leaf with only its ’veins’ remaining.”

12. “These large pumpkins I saw on the freeway”

13. “1,800-year-old Roman leather sandals on display at Vindolanda Fort in Northumberland, England.”

14. “I came across these Theropod tracks while fly fishing in Texas.”

15. “A hard, very thick beard hair I just pulled out of my face, next to an average beard hair.”

Which findings above do you think are the most fascinating? What was the most interesting thing you’ve ever run into?

Preview photo credit ri4nn3 / Reddit


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