20+ Lucky People Who Stumbled Upon Real Treasures by Accident

2 years ago

Thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets are thought to be filled with piles of junk, but that’s not always the case. Some people manage to discover hidden gems in these places, from valuable rings that are many years old to furniture that adds a unique touch to home décor — all after a good cleaning.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a selection of the best finds made by people who got lucky and came across old and forgotten objects that are actually worth a lot.

1. “I collect old drinking glasses and came across this beautiful cabinet last week at Salvation Army! It’s perfect”

2. “My boyfriend found this vintage sofa on Facebook Marketplace for $100! We just finished fully cleaning it and re-stuffing the seat cushions :)”

3. “Finally found the thrifted lamp of my dreams. My white whale.”

4. “One of my most cherished thrifts to date”

5. “Pics don’t even do this dress justice, a lovely local find! (feat. Bean)”

6. “Today’s garage sale find ✨”

7. “Found the most perfect tables for my living room!”

8. “99 cents for this antique silver lipstick container. I believe it’s Italian and 1930s maybe? Needs a serious cleaning, but I was in awe of this little piece of history.”

9. “The best $3 I’ve spent in a while, and a rare find for my 4 y.o. Full circle skirt, perfect cuffs and collar, complete with heart buttons 💙”

10. “Rattan couch and mirror top table for $30”

11. “Just found this beautiful Baldwin organ. Works perfectly and got it for only $170. My biggest thrift store haul of all time, I’ve wanted one forever!!”

12. “Beautiful blouse I got for $7.99!!”

13. “My thrifted prom dress for $2.50! I also got my jewelry and tiara thrifted, full prom set for $7. Tiara for $2.50 and bracelet for $1.98”

14. “10k gold ring I found at the flea market today for $20... Real diamonds and a great vintage, almost antique setting.”

15. “Found this super weird ceramic hand for $3 and decided to turn it into a weird but cute holder for my headset.”

16. “1970s Gunne Sax dress! $10 find!”

17. “I got this rattan shelf at an estate sale, and I still can’t believe it’s mine! Dream find.”

18. “Found this sweet Nintendo sign today”

19. “Found this a while back in a charity shop for £10”

20. “Curbside find”

21. “I bought a mini-float that fits my hamster”

22. “Why I love garage sales. All unused from 1976”

23. “Scored this bear cub table from FB Marketplace and I love him so much! Now our den is really a den.”

24. “My mum bought a load of yarn from a thrifter and made this for me! It’s so good!”

25. “I found a suit for my son at a yard sale. $15.00.”

What second-hand items could you not resist buying the moment you saw them? What are the things you look for when you visit these types of stores?

Preview photo credit Frugallyspoilt / Reddit


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