15+ Things That Took Masterclasses From a Chameleon and Learned How to Camouflage

2 years ago

Chameleons don’t have venom or a dangerous bite. So, their best tactic against predators is to change their color and hide in their surroundings. But it looks like they aren’t the only ones who have mastered the art of deception. Some objects appear to have learned their ways and decided to use camouflage to hide in plain sight or pretend to be something else.

As sneaky as these things may be, some sharp-sighted people were still able to bust their disguise, and Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered a few of the amusing photos they shared online.

1. “Got a new carpet and lost my wife’s feet.”

2. Please, serve yourself some free shawarma.

3. “Always cook chicken breast side up, but be sure to baste throughout!”

4. “This fallen tree in Port Elliot looks like a dragon.”

5. A herd of mini dinosaurs going for a stroll

6. “I might bake this rock anyway. I literally had to pick it up to be sure it wasn’t a potato.”

7. “A little disk in the ground covered in dirt”

8. “Was walking down a local trail and tripped over some forbidden toast.”

9. Pipes that look like Rafiki from The Lion King

10. Some delicious sushi rice rolls

11. “My girlfriend’s chair looks like a duck with hair.”

12. “This wilted flower looks like the eggplant emoji.”

13. “This stack of towels and rolls looks like the Cookie Monster”

14. This grease jar looks like tiramisu.

15. This chair camouflages better than a chameleon.

16. “The bird mess on my window looks like a shark.”

17. “My overnight oats matched my granite.”

18. “I couldn’t find the tablet...”

Which of these pictures confused you the most?


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