15 Times Businesses Went the Extra Mile for Customers

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Great customer service will convince people to come back or help promote the business, so entrepreneurs should always aim for their clients’ satisfaction. And the stores on this list went above and beyond their patrons’ expectations. They also proved that going the extra mile doesn’t need to involve grand actions. It can be as simple as adding a small feature or giving buyers a bit more than what they asked for.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 15 pictures shared by happy customers, and maybe they can inspire other business owners.

1. This shop has the contents marked on the dough so you don’t get confused.

2. “You can print out a short story at my local coffee shop. Read while you wait.”

3. “In Saudi Arabia, they cover Coca-Cola cans with a lid to protect them. The Arabic quote on the lid means ’Don’t worry about it, we covered it for you.’”

4. The perfect hairstylist

5. “Asked for extra pickles and got 25.”

6. “The number of pillows my wife was given after requesting extra pillows”

7. This mall has a birthday parking place.

8. This Skittles vending machine lets you mix your own ratio.

9. “This shopping cart has a magnifying glass attached to it.”

10. “My friend is staying in a hotel in Belgium. They’ve offered her the option of renting a fish for the night in case she’s lonely.”

11. This pizza place tells you the area of all their pizza sizes and how large they are compared to each other.

12. An umbrella vending machine in Japan

13. Barilla has an official Spotify account with a number of playlists that are named after types of pasta, and they play exactly as long as this type of pasta should be cooked.

14. “My local vet has a sign and candle for when someone’s saying goodbye to their pet.”

15. “This baby store has different surfaces to ’road test’ the strollers.”

Which service seemed the nicest to you? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Elsuertudo27 / Reddit


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