15+ Extremely Satisfying Photos Taken Before and After a Deep Cleaning

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2 years ago

Girt and unnecessary gunk accumulate in our homes every day. And since there’s really nothing we can do to prevent it, regular cleaning is absolutely necessary to not risk developing allergies, eczema, and even asthma. Also, tidying up can be a lot of fun since you can never know what you’ll find: maybe the patio you thought was grey is actually colorful, or maybe your backyard has a brick path.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything like how satisfying the before and after pics of deep cleaning are, and we’d like to share them with you.

1. “Doing the dishes is a task for tomorrow at this point.”

2. “Who knew this beauty was hiding underneath?”

3. “Quite happy about how this deck cleaned up!”

4. “We found a brick path in the backyard of our new home.”

5. “Boys, we did it!”

6. “I have some disabilities and struggle with my mental health. I finally was able to clean my room the way I deserve. Took me hours and I cried when I was done. I’m trying to live a better life now, wish me luck!”

7. A little before and after of our backyard pathway today... it’s the little things!

8. “It was looking kind of rough.”

9. “I cleaned to start the new year off right. Here’s to 2021!”

10. “We had no idea the patio was hiding so many colors.”

11. “My husband thought the steps weren’t dirty. After an hour of work, I sent him a picture of exhibit A.”

12. “I cleaned my way out of my depression nest so I could start the new year on a better (and cleaner) note.”

13. “I really dislike maintaining the pool but always enjoy the results.”

14. “Only halfway through and what a contrast!”

15. “Life with 4 kids.”

16. It’s amazing how much cleaning an object can make it look totally different.

17. “Neglected BMW.”

Do you want a power washer now? How often do you deep clean your house or your things?

Preview photo credit zoelord / Reddit


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