20 Mind Boggling Pictures Your Eyes Won’t Be Able to Understand

2 years ago

There is a saying that goes “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” And that is exactly the meaning of perspective and how it changes depending on how we look at a certain object or picture. The more we concentrate on something, the more we notice something different than what we saw the first time.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves having our eyes and brains tricked and we thought you’d feel the same.

1. Riding the clouds

2. Carpet and cat sold separately.

3. “A shaved giraffe sitting on its haunches, or an odd gum tree?”

4. “2-headed Pug”

5. Someone here has a really beautiful head of hair.

6. “The reflection makes it look like my glasses are looking back at me.”

7. “Flying a girl kite.”

8. Upgrading this old TV

9. “My friend feeding an antelope”

10. “My friend learning to snowboard”

11. “Giant paws”

12. “Weird perspective”

13. “Which way is my dog facing?”

14. A reflection that looks like a reversed leg.

15. It looks as if someone split the image in two.

16. “Sweatshirt caused my arm to look extremely long while climbing.”

17. “Meet my dog, Decapito”

18. “Our new pupper”

19. “Bunny blanket”

20. Too many legs.

Do you know of any photo tricks that can really mess with the perspectives and create a very confusing picture?

Preview photo credit Throwaway86747291 / reddit


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