15+ Times Parents Caught the Most Precious Moments on Camera

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Both kids and parents experience tons of emotions every day because they constantly learn new things. Scientists say that babies start to understand different emotions very early — when they are just 4 months old. This knowledge makes emotional moments twice as valuable — as you share them with the little ones.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything want to share some one-of-a-kind moments that were caught on camera.

1. ’’My son has swagger.’’

2. ’’My nephew adoring the chicks’’

3. “My wife won’t let me add it to the family album, so I figured I’d show it off here. My daughter’s poopin’ face!”

4. ’’I think my son enjoyed his first time in the snow.’’

5. ’’My nephew and his favorite sleeping buddy’’

6. ’’My daughter insists on being rolled up like a burrito every day.’’

7. “My little girl living her best life.”

8. ’’My 2-week-old son vs My burrito’’

9. ’’I caught my kiddo kissing the kitten.’’

10. “We took our daughter to her first amusement park. We didn’t have to wait in long lines, and this smile didn’t leave her face all day!”

11. ’’My daughter and her best friend’’

12. ’’My niece copying my dad’s infamous dad walk’’

13. “Recently I was reminded that one of these shoulder rides will be the last someday. I carry them more often now.”

14. ’’My daughter stands at the window waiting for me to get home from work.’’

15. ’’My daughter matching her auntie’’

16. ’’My daughter fell asleep on a mat.’’

What do you think the secret is that makes children so lovable? What is the most important thing we can learn from them?

Preview photo credit pumphouse/Reddit, avenger76/Reddit


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