18 Restaurants That Made Us Say, “We Want Plates!”

2 years ago

Going out to eat in a restaurant is a way for us to spoil ourselves and the special people in our lives. Someone cooks the food for us, we’re served, and even if we leave with a lighter wallet, at least we leave with a full, satisfied belly. Sometimes, the food can be served in unconventional ways, and people on this subreddit have shared their best finds.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to show you some “exquisite” plating examples that you might want to try.

1. “My friend’s mother went to a restaurant and got a glass of pasta!”

2. “They served my friend a single potato on a tiny chair.”

3. “I hate to restrain other people’s creativity, but I don’t like this at all.”

4. “Spaghetti bolognese in a bread cone”

5. “Our corn chips came in a rusty bucket.”

6. It’s hard to deny the originality of some presentations.

7. “A carrot served on a telephone”

8. “’Don’t eat the rocks,’ said the waiter while serving me this dish.’”

9. Looks like we’re missing one...

10. “How about a plate but upside down?”

11. “I thought they brought it so you could wash your hands before eating.”

12. “Carbonara served in a pan”

13. “How am I supposed to eat this?”

14. “A deviled egg appetizer served in an egg carton”

15. “This is a whole new level of laziness.”

16. These fries are a literal masterpiece.

17. “It finally happened to me!”

18. “Our ice cream was served in a sink.”

Which of these made you laugh the most? Which one do you actually think is very creative?

Preview photo credit Klopdu / Reddit, VinWing13 / Reddit


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