20 People Who Transformed Their Personal Spaces from Drab to Fab

2 years ago

Our personal environment can affect our mental health and wellbeing. That’s why it’s important to keep our spaces comfortable and pleasant. And with the help of simple renovations or home improvement projects, we can do wonders not just for our houses, but for our moods as well.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered before-and-after pictures shared by people who decided to add a little luster to their lives by giving their homes impressive makeovers.

1. “My dad helped me convert 200 sq ft of unused attic space into a nursery.”

2. “I renovated a 1990s bathroom to look like a 1930s bathroom.”

3. “Tiling the front entrance the hardest way possible because the wife has Pinterest...”

4. “My new favorite room in the house — a downstairs bathroom remodel, my first DIY bathroom!”

5. “I converted a disastrous hall closet into a tiny home office!”

6. “We wanted to refresh the look of our kitchen and make a few upgrades in the process.”

7. “A library shelf was built as a birthday present.”

8. “My $150 DIY bathroom makeover”

9. “Pantry renovation — before, we had wire shelves and not the best use of space since the pantry is actually quite a bit taller than the door frame.”

10. This bathroom was renovated on a $200 budget.

11. He turned their old storage room into the laundry room of his wife’s dreams!

12. “1930s parquet flooring I restored today!”

13. “My master bathroom project. I could not decide how to finish the window trim. It took a year for me to get that last bit done.”

14. These people definitely have an eye for these things.

15. “Refinished 220-year-old stairs”

16. The boards are perfectly positioned at a 45° angle.

17. “A bookcase door idea born after looking at the corner of my living room and thinking, ’I bet there’s a big space behind that wall.’”

18. “It took about 6 months, start to finish, working only nights and weekends!”

19. “Taking out my anxiety on the stairs...”

20. “My first ever garden project. I have no previous experience and mainly watched YouTube tradesmen for hints and tips.”

Have you renovated anything around your house? Share your pics with us!

Preview photo credit IndianaNetworkAdmin / Reddit


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