15 Times People Paid Someone to Clean Their House, and Were Left in Awe

2 years ago

Many people love cleaning their homes, but nothing compares to professional cleaning that can absolutely transform almost any place. From roses made of toilet paper to perfectly lined up toys, professional cleaners definitely know how to impress us.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 15 pictures that will make your inner perfectionist happy.

“The way house cleaners left all of the rolls of toilet paper”

“My cleaning lady does this every week”

“The cleaning lady must have found a discarded pot of bubblegum, and she turned it into a little flower vase.”

“My new cleaning lady turned my toilet paper into a rose.”

You have to be careful with what you say.

“Our cleaning lady makes a diorama of my plushies whenever she cleans my room.”

“Cleaning service left a flyer and envelope asking for a tip.”

“My cleaning lady has built him a bed — this is the way.”

Cleaners often don’t live up to our expectations.

“The way a cleaner left our tissue box”

“After housekeeping, they left a chocolate shaped like a vacuum cleaner in the hotel room.”

“My housekeeper knocked 2 expert-level, several-hundred-dollar Lego sets off the shelf and left without saying anything...”

“My daughter is second in command of a very short-staffed, large nursing home. She is pitching in by doing housekeeping work.”

Have you ever hired cleaners? How was your experience?

Preview photo credit tiny***mom / Reddit


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