15+ People Who Experienced Bad Luck at its Fullest

2 years ago

Even though we would all prefer only good things happening in the world, it’s unrealistic. So, when something doesn’t go according to plan, we all have a choice: to try and see things in a positive light no matter what or complain and get disappointed. Scientists say we should choose the latter, as according to the studies, being an optimist is much better for your health.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know that life isn’t always a bed of roses, so let’s practice a positive outlook with today’s heroes, who know exactly what bad luck is.

1. “Wasted a day looking for my pencil.”

2. “Someone parked their car with the sunroof open and a pipe burst right above them.”

3. “Bought the black popcorn snack, and it jammed at the top, so I bought the chips above it to knock it down and got this.”

4. “A guy dropped a $40,000 pallet of glass on his first day.”

5. “Opened the pack of ham the wrong way.”

6. “Friend’s dad made some cayenne rolls from scratch tonight. He thought he was using cinnamon. The rolls had no cinnamon.”

7. “I was going to make lasagna for dinner.”

8. “This week started with a breakup, then I had to get my car towed, now I spilled spaghetti *in* my shoe.”

9. “A truck ran into my car while I was at work. They didn’t leave a note. No cameras anywhere.”

10. “Joke’s on you, most pics in that card are yours.”

11. “I wanted to eat lunch at my desk. It was hot so I also burned both my hands and scattered it all across the room.”

12. “I’m glad I paid for the deluxe room upgrade in this 4-star hotel. And yes, my back is to the wall.”

13. “Too close for comfort... a runaway truck hit my house.”

14. “Hiked all 5,200 ft of Half Dome for these stunning views.”

15. “The microwave door blew up.”

16. “Was topping off the cat food container and dropped the bin.”

17. “The escalator took a bite out of my shoe.”

Have you ever been in an “Oh, gosh!” kind of situation? What happened?

Preview photo credit toastygrilledpickles / Reddit


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