23 Photos That Prove Old Is Sometimes Better Than New

2 years ago

We live in an era of disposable things. We’re used to replacing clothes when they go out of fashion and buying a new smartphone as soon as it’s released. But some people believe many items can last nearly forever, and their frugal ways of living can inspire us to be more mindful when it comes to shopping.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we are impressed by these people who decided to breathe a new life into old items instead of buying new ones.

1. “Made in 1962. Original owner likely wore it for most of his life, and I plan on wearing it for the rest of mine.”

2. “My 47 year old Omron 86 still kicking with some fresh AAs.”

3. “25 years old Frisbee, still flying like new.”

4. “My mom’s crock pot that she got in January 1980 — 41 years old and it still works without any issues.”

5. “These Cross pens were my grandfather’s from the 1960s. He worked as a test failure analysis engineer for General Dynamics. These pens were used to try to win the space race, and now I use them every day as I work to follow in his footsteps.”

6. “The old Swing-A-Way — the same one my parents used to open my baby food. Indestructible!”

7. “The TI-83 plus — used this exact calculator when I was in high school and now use it to teach high school! Going on 19 years of ownership!”

8. “Pentel P205, received it in the fourth grade. Still using it in graduate school to this day.”

9. “Had this mug for 10+ years, used it constantly. Toddler broke the lid, emailed the company to ask about replacements, and even though the cup has been discontinued for years, they sent me a new lid for free! Here’s to another 10 years of saving paper and plastic!”

10. “This Tonka dump truck I played with as a kid — I’m 24 now, and my nephew is still playing with it daily. Amazingly durable!”

11. “My son is using my Jansport I got 20 years ago to start middle school. Still looks brand new.”

12. “The Frigidaire RD-20-64, serving this home since 1964, and EVERY feature is functional.”

13. “Our house still has all the original doorknobs from 1928!”

14. “My girlfriend uses this sewing machine to make masks. Her great-grandmother bought it new back in 1925. It still works perfectly.”

15. “8 below, rolling blackouts have hit. Behold my grandmother’s vintage Pyrex percolator. All pieces are intact and in use. We shall not suffer from a lack of coffee!!!!”

16. “This General Electric fridge from 1942 at my friend’s house works perfectly!”

17. “My stepmother rolled up to our BBQ with this Tupperware pot from the ’70s that used to be her mother’s and made the move from the US to the UK.”

18. “Finished cleaning my grandad’s tools. Found his initials carved in a wrench after cleaning. He passed away before I was born. I never met him, but we have turned the same wrench.”

19. “My house is really old and we still have the original skeleton keys from over 100 years ago.”

20. “This Juicit juicer from the late ’60s is a champ. Just made 5 quarts of juice!”

21. “This JC Penney hot air popcorn popper was purchased in 1980. Still going strong (I think it was made by Waring)!”

22. “This camera from the 60s. Very corroded and scratched up on the outside, but is fully functioning!”

23. “Our cottage vacuum over 40 years old and never broken.”

Which object in your home is older than you? Did you inherit it or did you buy it?

Preview photo credit CraptainMypants / Reddit


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