19 Photos Showing There’s a Special Bond Between Kids and Animals

2 years ago

Children who grow up with pets are healthier, less moody, and even have fewer learning problems. Apart from all the benefits of having a pet, they are also endless sources of happiness and pure joy. Our four-legged friends can even be great babysitters, and it’s no wonder kids love them so much.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe pets and children can become best friends. And we chose 19 adorable photos to prove it.

1. “We were worried about our dog taking to our newborn.”

2. “Uh oh, we don’t have a dog, and I think my daughter is trying to tell me something.”

3. “Something tells me this is the start of a beautiful friendship.”

4. “Zola is the best blanket for our daughter.”

5. “My nephew and his pet bunny on his computer”

6. “Our daughter and our neighbor’s dog are best friends.”

7. “He accepted the addition.”

8. “Every time she sees a new dog...”

9. “We adopted a mini potbelly pig. My son loves it.”

10. “Got a new kitten and my daughter thinks it’s her baby.”

11. “My son snuggling with the newborn calf we brought inside to warm up”

12. “My son dressed as a horse riding a horse. He just loves horses, don’t know why.”

13. “Watching your kids put on a puppet show for the cat is priceless.”

14. “My kid is happier with a rat snake in his hands.”

15. “My daughter’s greatest loves are her tarantulas.”

16. “My daughter wanted to take her duckies on a walk and this is what we improvised.”

17. “I walked in on this scene last night.”

18. “My daughter’s dog, Bolin, sleeping with grandson”

19. “My daughter and my Disney-esque dog”

Who is your animal best friend? Post a picture of you 2 together, we’d love to see it.

Preview photo credit damavandamos / Reddit


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