15+ Times People Revived Their Memories by Recreating Old Pics

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Now that it’s so easy to take photos, many of us try to capture every (even slightly) significant moment to remember everything. However, scientists say that taking pics is actually doing the opposite; we tend to remember such moments less. But one thing is for sure: old photos do make us feel like we can go back in time. Our today’s heroes took a trip down memory lane and recreated their old images.

1. “Armatron, 1982 and 2022.”

2. “Christmas, 25 years ago and now.”

3. “My grandmother posing me on the end of the Rock Island Dam, TN, 1964 and then me in the same spot, 2022.”

4. “20 years between pics of me and my BFF.”

5. “20 years ago vs. now.”

6. “Reading the newspaper with dad. My dad and I, my daughter and I.”

7. “Photos taken roughly 35 years apart.”

8. “Homecoming, 1998 and 2022.”

9. “The day my oldest son met his new baby brother!”

10. “I found an old pic of me playing computer games. As it turns out, I haven’t changed very much.”

11. “My own little Back to the Future trilogy!”

12. “17 years apart.”

13. “Phew! That was a long boat ride!”

14. “My sister got married over the weekend, so we recreated this gem from our childhood.”

15. “1991-2019”

16. “My husband; at 32yo and 68yo.”

17. “1953 vs. 2023. Age 17 vs. age 86. I cannot believe it.”

Preview photo credit lannister77 / Reddit


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