14 Photos That Prove Parenting Can Be a Comedy Special

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Every person experiences parenthood in different ways, but most of them enjoy spending time with their little ones. Some parents even treat something like changing diapers as an opportunity to bond with their babies and have fun. Kids are also a source of entertainment with all the unique things they say and do that no adult could ever imagine. Maybe parents could start thinking a bit more like kids so that their lives would be more pleasant.

1. “My girlfriend randomly took a couple pictures of me at the grocery store. Only later did we notice.”

2. “Naps with a 4-year-old.”

3. “Decided to have dinner with my daughter.”

4. Fathers are free spirits.

5. One way to make your kid drink something healthier.

6. “My son insisted on carrying a pan of brownies on the way home. Got back and somehow there’s a giant footprint in them.”

7. “My son’s first day of school is today. I handled it really well.”

8. Going to the toilet with a view.

9. “My pregnant wife claims to have found the perfect onesie for our soon-to-be-born son.”

10. Starting with excitement and ending with terror.

11. “All my years of playing Tetris have prepared me for this very moment.”

12. Pregnant wife practices swaddling on confused pupper.

13. Parenting can often be entertaining.

14. “I wanted to know if I am her real dad.”

Are you a parent and, if not, do you wish to have children in the future? What scares you the most about having kids and being responsible for them?

Preview photo credit fourg / Reddit, kmynameis / Reddit


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