15 Times People Saw Something That Stirred Their Curiosity

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Curiosity is the special spark within us that leads to exploration, discoveries, and future inventions. Basically, that sense of wonder plays an important factor in shaping humankind. Luckily, there are a lot of interesting finds that make us want to know more about the world, or how the thought process of some people work.

Now I’ve Seen Everything put together a photo collection of 15 peculiar things that people encountered, and they could light up that tiny spark within you as well.

1. “I came into the kitchen to find a lizard using a sponge as a raft in the sink.”

2. “Natural camo leaf”

3. “This speed limit sign”

4. “My orange has sectoral heterochromia.”

5. “My grandma’s mailbox is her house.”

6. “I saw a flower with a checkered pattern.”

7. “This Ghostbusters van I saw at the grocery store”

8. “A strange plant formation in my city”

9. “A pair of laced Crocs”

10. “My hibiscus plant, which always had white flowers, bloomed a half-pink and half-white flower today.”

11. “This clothing store that hung its shirts sideways...”

12. “This tree was visited by black, gray, and white squirrels at the same time.”

13. “This heart-shaped strawberry”

14. “A log with coins people have inserted”

15. “The morning sun looks like it is digitized.”

Which of these moments made you take another look? Which of them amused you?

Preview photo credit bassmansrc/reddit


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