20 Adorable Pets That Made Their Owners Laugh Instead of Getting Angry

2 years ago

Pets have no inherent concept of right and wrong, but they can be trained to learn it. According to experts, the key is to react quickly when they misbehave, and show them the consequences of their actions. The true challenge for pet owners though, is resisting their adorable guilty faces. Those puppy eyes and downtrodden looks can easily turn our frustrations into warm, fuzzy feelings, and give us the urge to hug or squeeze them instead.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 20 photos of cats and dogs who messed up, and they were captured in such funny situations that it was probably hard for their owners to stay angry.

1. “When you swear you weren’t raiding the closet, but the evidence suggests otherwise.”

2. “Last night there were 4 rolls in the bag. This morning...”

3. “Guess who got into a bowl of spaghetti?”

4. “When you sneak a silent one and hope Mom doesn’t smell it. She smelled it.”

5. “So that’s where my socks went.”

6. “I spent an entire day baking challah bread, only to have it stolen.”

7. “My brother’s cat got into the fireplace.”

8. “This isn’t what it looks like...”

9. “My lovely Mastiff, Bee, just ate my signed copy of Fire and Blood.

10. “After weeks of rebuilding, I finally gave up and put the pieces back in the box.”

11. “We all make mistakes.”

12. “Attempting to shoplift at the vet”

13. “A story told in four parts”

14. “When I caught him, he was trying to spit it out. It was stuck though.”

15. “My friend’s cat threw up and I can’t stop laughing at this photo she sent me.”

16. “You can’t get mad at that face.”

17. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir.”

18. “When you go out and return 2 hours past your cat’s dinner time.”

19. “I ate chalk and now I am a sad dog.”

20. “Caught him stealing a slice of beef cheek on taco night!”

What kind of trouble does your pet usually get into? Do you have pictures of their funny mishaps? Share your stories and photos in the comment section.


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