15 Times People’s Kindness Shone Brighter Than a Thousand Suns

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The joy of doing something for other people is one of the best feelings out there. You see their eyes light up when they realize that someone helped them out without expecting anything in return, but then again, maybe gratitude is the greatest award that exists. Even something small can change a person’s life completely, so we should all try to do what we can to make our world a kinder place.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything applaud today’s heroes: people whose good deeds speak louder than any words.

He saw her struggling with her bag.

’’This wonderful lady at the skate park popped up a little table and started giving the kids tea and biscuits.’’

“My mom crochets and donated 42 blankets to sick children this year.”

’’He stopped traffic to help a hurt kitty.’’

’’These 2 guys in my area are driving around delivering food and water to homeless people.’’

’’I saw this in our neighborhood today.’’

’’In the aftermath of a record-breaking blizzard that hit my town, this man started making food for people in need.’’

“Patrons at my local breakfast spot in Panama City Beach, FL, collecting toys for the Kentucky tornado victims”

’’This stranger heard we were planning for my daughter’s birthday and volunteered to drop off and set up a bouncy house.’’

’’Someone in my neighborhood knitted up some hats and scarves and left them out for free.’’

’’This man spent the next 40 minutes helping me replace my tire.’’

“My neighbors heard that I got sick and had no groceries on Christmas, so they brought dinner.”

’’Someone made a comfy bed for this baby squirrel.’’

“My mom does this every year for the trash men.”

’’This guy bought pizza for a homeless man and they had lunch together.’’

When was the last time you did a good deed? Do you think that happy people are more likely to do random gestures of kindness?

Preview photo credit W**Hundreds/Reddit


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