15 Times Skillful Makeup Made People Look Their Absolute Best

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Makeup is the universal tool when you want to change something in your appearance without a permanent effect. It could be making a few blemishes disappear or drawing on completely new features — it’s all up to you. And like in other artistic spheres, there are some very talented people who achieve true mastery.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything couldn’t resist sharing these amazing transformations done with the help of only makeup.

1. “My 10-minute makeup look”

2. “My prom got canceled, but that didn’t stop me from getting glammed up for it!”

3. “Today’s before & after”

4. “The power of smokey eyes”

5. “Before and after covering my redness and dark circles”

6. “Before and after, a night out look”

7. “Foundation-free and a little bit glam”

8. “Before and after Christmas Eve makeup”

9. “This is my before and after natural makeup; I used some lilac on my eyes.”

10. “Loving these no-makeup looks to feature my freckles!”

11. My before and after

12. A good idea for gorgeous daily makeup that can make your face glow with beauty and health

13. A soft look that hides some little imperfections and highlights natural beauty

14. “Not too long ago, I asked for makeup steps so I can look more ’alive.’ I applied some of them.”

15. “I did my friend’s makeup for her graduation photos.”

Whose makeup transformation inspired you the most? Do you like doing makeup? Show us your pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit priyalicious / Reddit


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