15+ Shocking Before And After Makeup Transformations

2 years ago

Full-coverage foundation, falsies, lip-plumping glosses, and color-changing eyeshadows — there are so many options when we think about the universe of makeup. Whether we use it to hide some imperfections or just to have some fun, makeup is always fun to try.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves to see how some ladies do their makeup, and here are our best finds.

“That’s your perfect red lipstick!”

Red lipstick can be a scary undertaking, but it’s a sure way to have an extreme makeup transformation with minimal effort. Start your search for the perfect red today!

“I did this all left-handed because my right wrist hurt! I’d say I did okay considering the circumstances.”

The eyes look totally different.

Now this is one of those before and after makeup looks that sticks with you. She was practically able to change her eye shape with some creative eyeshadow. Wonderful technique!

Japanese vs American makeup styles

It’s absolutely fascinating seeing the difference in makeup styles people from different countries prefer to use. Biggest stand outs in these examples are blush and contour, and we can’t even decide which one looks more beautiful.

“No makeup vs everyday makeup”

“I almost believe these are really my brows and lips.”

One of the most challenging transformations with makeup is keeping it as natural as possible, and this girl nailed it! As she noted, the eyebrows and lips are real highlights here (no pun intended) and they make a huge difference without being too much.

“No makeup vs makeup”

I think the make-up is too harsh ... especially the eyes & brows ... & her lips are pretty, but her natural mouth is wider than these lips ... I think she should stay with her own pretty lip shape & size.


Subtle, elegant, and natural-looking. She knows exactly how to use makeup correctly to transform her face without making it look fake.

“Simple makeup look!”

There’s nothing simple about this one! Red lip with a winged eyeliner is one of the staples, and for a good reason, it just works. But we’re particularly obsessed with the addition of gemstones in the corner of the eyes.

The power of fake eyelashes

“Soft romantic pink look to match my T-shirt!”

And for those of you who get bored of doing the same look every day, try spicing it up and match your makeup to your outfits! You’ll never know what kind of crazy makeup transformation will wait for you, but isn’t that what makeup is all about?

“What a difference eyelashes can make! I especially love how these lashes help emphasize my cat-eye.”

Just like in the case with red lipstick, many are scared of fake eyelashes. But this before and after makeup look should convince you to start practicing your eyelash application this instant.

“Rare date night makeup before and after”

“Bright, fun, and ready for spring”

While colorful eyes are absolutely stunning and eye-catching, we can’t help but stare at this girl’s contour. It compliments her complexion so well, amazing work.

Before and after makeup

We believe some light contouring would add even more to this before and after makeup look, but we respect that the eyes are given the full spotlight here. Now we can’t wait for fall to try this one out!

“A very light daily look using all of my essential daily products”

“White graphic eyeliner to start off this week”

Graphic eyeliner is one of the most viral makeup looks as of late, and for a good reason. This is a perfect solution for anyone who’s tired of the regular black liner. You can do any color, color combination, or shape you want. Just imagine the possibilities in summer!

“Tried a Megan Fox-inspired look!”

“The difference 4 years makes”

As they say, practice makes perfect. This photo definitely makes us hopeful that someday our makeup skills will be good enough to make such stunning makeup looks as this one.

Do you like experimenting with makeup? What do you often do? Tell us in the comment section below!


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