15 Times the Universe Kept People Humble With a Dose of Disappointment

2 years ago

Getting your hopes up when you really want something is almost inevitable. It would be harmless if reality always matched our expectations. But sometimes we order a pizza and receive a crumbled mess. So, people take to Reddit to show others how it’s better not to get your hopes up too high.

Now I’ve Seen Everything comes to you with a few pics that perfectly illustrate the pain of being let down.

1. “Underestimated the size of my cat.”

2. “My niece wanted a Pikachu cake, Mom delivered.”

3. “Kinda looks like the cat might have gotten hold of it.”

4. “Tried to make some cute frogs, it didn’t go as planned.”

5. “What you order vs what you get”

6. “The balayage I asked for vs what I got”

7. “Wanted a simple manicure for my wedding. I was upset but also couldn’t stop laughing.”

8. “So glad it was done with henna.”

9. “A laptop stand I ordered vs the laptop ’stand’ I got”

10. “Tried to take a cute photo of my doggo...”

11. “I tried to bake something for Pride month.”

12. “This bear my mother bought for my brother’s new baby. I’m scared for the baby.”

13. “I’m trying to make dried orange wheels.”

14. “I put my friend in charge of the decorations.”

15. “Hubby ordered from his favorite pizza place after a long day of work and got this.”

Which one of these pics ground your gears the most? Do you have photos of similar blunders? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit Zottes / Reddit


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