15 Tricks Celebrities Use on the Red Carpet to Look Spotless

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Preparing yourself for the red carpet is a much harder job than people often realize. Yes, working on the perfect dress, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup are the main responsibilities, but perfection is hidden in the details. Everything has to look perfect, while keeping you safe from any possible malfunctions and comfortable in your outfit. That’s why the beauty teams hidden behind every celebrity have to be inventive in their solutions.

1. Tissue paper for the armpits

This trick helps avoid dark circles under the armpits and deodorant stains. Jessica Biel, for example, puts tissue paper under her armpits while she’s driving to an event, and before stepping out of the car, she throws it away. By the way, trimmed pantyliners are also used for the same reason. They can be taped or stitched to the inside of the armhole.

2. Sometimes underwear is fitted into the dress

Invision / Invision / East News

Natural-coloured corrective underwear, or stick-on panties, look great under tight dresses and don’t spoil the silhouette. But some stylists prefer to sew the panties into the dress to hide unnecessary creases and seams.

3. Special tape inserts at the waistline to help create a silhouette


Some stylists like to emphasise their client’s waist by sewing corsage waist bands into their dresses. These pieces encircle the body perfectly and create the desired silhouette. It works much like a corset, but it doesn’t squeeze the body and is more comfortable to wear.

4. Plastic bags to put on knee-high boots

If you have to put on high, tight boots, famous stylists recommend using ordinary plastic bags. A plastic bag reduces friction and lets your feet slip easily inside the boot.

5. White eyeshadow for a perfect smile

Invision / Invision / East News

To make teeth whiter and brighter, stylists apply white cream eyeshadow. This gives the celeb’s smile an extra glow. Although the product only lasts for a short time, it’s usually enough to get a few good close-up shots on the red carpet.

6. Sticky tape for touching up makeup

Jordan Strauss / Invision / East News

No matter how carefully celebrities apply their eyeshadow, excess makeup sooner or later ends up under the eyes and gives one a sloppy look. To remove these treacherous dots, all it takes is a few pieces of sellotape. The sticky side can easily remove bits of eyeshadow or mascara.

7. Sea salt for creating a hairstyle

Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News, © Monstera / Pexels

Celebrity hair stylist Christine Nelli, who has worked with many Hollywood celebrities, including Tom Holland, Justin Timberlake and Jon Hamm, uses sea salt to create a slightly dishevelled effect. She sprays salt into the hair and then dries it with a hairdryer, ruffling it with her hands.

8. They choose shoes in a bigger size


We often see stars wearing shoes that appear to be too big for them. The reason for this is actually pretty practical. Celebrities often go up a size when they choose shoes for events in order to avoid blisters and swelling.

9. Body butter and talcum powder instead of insoles

Zhong fubao - Imaginechina / East News

Jenke Ahmed Tailly also believes that the use of any additional insoles and inlays deforms shoes and spoils their appearance. That’s why he advises his clients to massage their feet with shea butter before an event and to cover them with translucent talcum powder to keep their feet from getting sore.

10. To avoid the hassle of zips, the dress can simply be sewn up

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Stylist Leesa Evans prefers not to incorporate zips into outfits and tries not to use sticky fashion tape. She believes that the best way is to sew the dress directly onto the star before they go out. This allows the dress to fit better, move more freely and allows the celebrity to breathe more easily.

11. Deodorant can help avoid irritation on inner thighs

AXELLE / BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM / East News, © New Africa / Shutterstock.com

Tight skirts sometimes cause irritation on the inner thighs. To prevent this, stars use deodorant on these areas before putting on their outfit.

12. They comb their hair with a toothbrush


It’s common to see celebrities on the red carpet with sleek updos who don’t have a single hair out of place. To make even those unruly hairs in the front stay put, they use a somewhat strange finishing touch: a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray. That way, the rest of the hairstyle is not messed up, and any unruly hairs keep still.

13. Handbags and pockets are not just for storing necessities


The awards ceremony lasts more than one hour. So, some celebrities bring small snacks with them to the event. For example, Lisa Ann Walter admitted that she brought a packet of nuts in her elegant handbag to the Emmys, and Gemma Chan somehow hid crackers in the pockets of her dress.

14. Lip balm can help eyes pop and manage unruly strands of hair

FayesVision / WENN.com / agefotostock / East News

To make the eyes stand out in photos, stylist Camara Aunique applies lip balm or lip gloss directly over the eyeshadow. This gives a sparkle to the gaze. Other professionals use lip balm to smooth out any loose strands and make hair more manageable.

15. They use soap to tame unruly zippers

If a zipper refuses to go up or down correctly, celebrities just rub a bar of soap on it to make it slide more easily. The soap acts as a lubricant on the zipper and prevents the zipper from being ruined when you force it to move.

Celebrities have so much pressure to look spotless on the red carpet that they use many tricks. Either it’s adding unusual products on their body or wearing one size bigger, they are constantly trying to look their best.

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